Restaurace / Lounge bar café

As the name suggests, the task of this project was to design a heavenly garden.


When designing a commercial space, it is important to focus mainly on its primary use.

We decided to create an original and unique interior that allows the customers to immerse themselves in a unique
atmosphere of nature and allows them to soak in the essence of the space in the greatest possible comfort.


In our opinion, the symbols of the Eden garden are, in addition to the ubiquitous greenery, also balance and a feeling of comfort. The first thing you see when you arrive to this restaurant is a wall surrounded by greenery, which at first glance
clearly defines the whole story that the company wants to pass to customers.


One of the main requirements of the client was to create an environment that is suitable for both the daily operation of the restaurant and the experience bar, in which this restaurant is transformed later in the afternoon. We pay attention to the balance of attractive appearance and functionality. We have therefore supplemented the natural interior with suede armchairs, which are elegant and at the same time provide the greatest comfort.



Tailor-made lighting allows you to create the right atmosphere of the restaurant during the day and the bar in the evening. Mainly thanks to the unique design of grille lights covered with greenery, which are one of the many products we have designed and custom made especially for EDEN34.



We combined primarily natural materials and warm colors, as you can see
for example on the wood paneling and bar, which is 100-year-old spruce wood.




This beautiful apartment in Prague has a lot of open space and gave us the chance to add many original minimalist elements, such as a modern kitchen with a worktop seamlessly merging into a window sill.


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Modern loft

Realization of a modern loft project, where the DOMINA kitchen adheres to an innovative concept for which natural rounded harmonizing shapes are characteristic.

This model of the kitchen is made of bent wood, cabinets lacquered to high gloss with an island in exotic Ebony wood also lacquered to a high gloss.

An interesting feature of this kitchen is the atypical sink, which is a fixed part of the work surface.

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For this fascinating and unique project in Brno, we made a non-traditional kitchen in a functionalist villa with a back in the form of an aquarium.


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Modern functionalism

For a client from Brno, we created a design of a kitchen and living room, which's color and layout was disposed in the spirit of modern functionalism with elements of feng shui.
We dressed this space with a modern and functionalist decor, which is ready to impress.


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